Friday, November 23, 2007

Bunderful News December 2007

Bunderful Insight!

Inge, one of our talented adopters, had lots of fun creating this photo/rules page under the watchful eye of her new bun, Carmen. Too cute!

Once I saw it I Had To Have One Too…

…So Inge has offered to create one for any bun humans out there that need one too!

Send a small jpeg photo

and your bunderful bun’s name to the email below.

See more of Inge’s photo art at .

Definitely worth the visit.

Bunderful Holiday Shopping!

Consider gifts for all your bun-nutty friends.

All proceeds go directly into the bunnies’ pockets.


Bunderful News!

November Adoptions




These little fuzzbottoms

found bunderful forever homes this month.

Send pictures!

Bunderful Bun Facts!

Grooming Your Rabbit

Because of their constant shedding, rabbits need to be brushed at least weekly to remove loose hair. You will have to brush daily during heavy sheds. Rabbits will shed in different ways – some will take a couple of weeks or more to lose their old coat, while others will lose theirs all in a few days. Much of the hair can often be removed by gently plucking it out with your fingers. Fine-toothed flea combs made for cats work very well to comb out loose rabbit hair.

This is Pythagoras who came to us with very matted fur from not being brushed. : (

More grooming info at…

Bunderful Video of the Month!

A Beautiful Relationship

Bunderful Class!

For new rabbit humans! A great way to start 2008!

Our Los Angeles expert,

Michelle Kelly of LA Rabbit Foundation (and a House Rabbit Society Certified Educator),

puts together lots of great information.

Great place to ask questions too!

Rabbit Care Workshop!
January 27, 2008!


See you there!

and our Bunderful Bun of the Month!

--> Mendelssohn! <--

Am I the cutest boy you’ve ever seen?!

I am a true lover boy. Pet me and I’m yours forever.

I’m looking for a home with piano so I can stretch out my long, lean body while you play my concertos and symphonies. I'm the sweetest rabbit ever and I have 5 inch long ears to go with my lanky (pettable) physique. I love to sit on comfy laps and doze (while being petted some more). Get in touch with your softer self!! My sparkling rose eyes will enchant you. Come visit me!!

Love, Mendelssohn

I'm neutered and litter box trained too! On 10/21/07 I weighed 10 lbs 6 oz and my humans say I'm full grown.

To meet me, fill out our application form at and one of my humans will contact you very soon.

Bunderful Wishes!

We have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

Dangerously over limit, we recently sent out an urgent email asking for a safe place for five of our furkids – Chad, Summatra, Nijinsky, Katmandu and Phoenix. Twenty-four hours later they had found a safe haven with Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix!? From Los Angeles!? Yep. Erika Royal, the heart of Brambley Hedge, will be giving five – yes, all five – of our bunnies a second chance to find their forever home.

They’re heading to their new home next weekend.

Phoenix is camera shy

Thank you, Brambley Hedge!

(We love bunny people.)

Curious about house rabbits? Talk to us!
PO Box 642839
Los Angeles, CA 90064

For every rabbit bought from a breeder or pet store, one in a shelter dies.
Give a bun the gift of life.
Make adoption your option.


Note: If you'd rather not receive Bunderful News in the future (they're monthly), please reply and let us know. We'll take you off the list right away. Thanks.

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